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MultiBio automatic wood pellet boilers are subject to patent and industrial legal protection.

  • Automatic boiler MultiBio 199 is the only one in our market certified for burning wood pellets, plant materials and coal.
  • Low heating costs - the boiler does not operate in the attenuation mode, fuel savings of up to 10%.
  • Automatic fuel ignition
  • Automatic heating, ecological operation
  • Auto Deactivation (Optional)
  • Automatic Boiler Exchanger Cleaning (Optional)
  • Full control and Internet access
  • Basic information

    Fuel for automatic boiler for pellets and coal MultiBio 199

    • Certified fuel 1: Quality wood pellets ENplus - Emission class boiler 5, Ecodesign
    • Certified fuel 2: plant pellets and non-pelleted plant materials - Boiler emission class 4 to 5 (using a particulate filter - Ecodesign)
    • Certified fuel 3: mix of vegetable and wood pellets - Emission class 4
    • Certified fuel 4: brown coal - b (walnut 2) - Boiler emission class 4 to 5

    Tolerated fuels: residues from crop production, mustard, rape, sunflower, oats, peat pellets, and other agricultural products, paper pellets, wastes from cereal cleaning.

    When burning tolerated fuels, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer for advice on setting the burner electronics.

    Parameters of the boiler for pellets and coal

    • Adjustable power from 60 - 200 kW
    • Burner combustion efficiency up to 96%
    • Boiler efficiency 92.2%

    Using the MultiBio Automatic Pellet and Coal Boiler 199

    Automatic solid fuel boiler MultiBio 199 - hot-water version, is suitable for comfortable automatic ecological and economical heating of residential units, apartment buildings, workshops, halls, operating areas and buildings with a power loss of 100 to 200 kW. The boilers can be cascaded to provide up to 800 kW of power. The MultiBio 199 automatic boiler is suitable for heating residential buildings, halls and workshops

    Heating with MultiBio automatic boiler 199

    You can save up to two thirds of the costs you pay for another system of automatic heating with plant pellets and plant-based remnants. Plant pellets are compressed from waste to annual harvest, are readily available and usually at half the price of wood pellets.

    Significant savings can also be achieved by burning cheap bark pellets, where, for example, 2000, - CZK per tonne can be saved against ENPlus pellets, which can save up to CZK 60,000 per full boiler load per month of operation. Coal in size nut 2 can also be used as a substitute cheap fuel.

    Advantages of automatic boiler for wood pellets, plant pellets and coal

    The MultiBio automatic wood pellet boiler is intuitive to operate. Complete electronics and software is an original Czech product developed only for MultiBio boilers.

    • Precise power adjustment and simple change
    • Continuous power control as required by the heating system
    • Burning by lambda probe
    • Storage tank charging control
    • Short loop and three-way valve control
    • Ash remover control
    • Possibility to create your own user presets according to the quality of the burned fuel and the required output
    • Full support for 2 years in the price of the boiler - fuel settings, power settings
    • Automatic boiler control via optional MultiBio NET internet module

    MultiBio Wood Pellet Fuel Fuel 199

    The MultiBio rotary burner also burns the lowest quality wood pellets without deteriorating the emission class or reducing user comfort. For MultiBio you can buy cheap and less quality wood pellets and you will not have to manually dig the ash sinters out of the burner because the MultiBio burner does it automatically!

    Come and try your fuel or send us a sample!

    Subsidy for automatic MultiBio automatic pellet boiler 199

    For MultiBio 199 automatic pellet boilers you can get a subsidy from OPIK programs. We will help you with the grants for our boiler free of charge.

    MultiBio Automatic Wood Pellet Boiler Design 199

    MultiBio is fundamentally different in its unique design from other products on the market. The MultiBio boiler body is three-stroke. With small dimensions, it has a high efficiency and low flue gas temperature, which it retains even if the boiler operator only cleans the exchanger once during the heating season. Compared to unit boilers, the MultiBio boiler has a significantly better heat exchange between fire and heated water.

    The MultiBio automatic hot water boiler has precisely controlled air and fuel metering for the entire range of its performance with a working temperature inside the burner of up to 1200 ° C. High combustion temperature ensures low emissions without odor and aggressive compounds. The MultiBio does not use the attenuation mode in which the fuel is still smoldering. Thanks to this combustion, the boiler does not suffer from self-destruction and does not disturb the surroundings with the smell of the chimney. The MultiBio has negligible carbon monoxide emissions and is environmentally friendly. With the MultiBio, you can save up to a third of the fuel costs of lower quality wood pellets and lower prices.

  • Technical data
  • Burner comparison

    Comparison of MultiBio boilers and burners with other burners on wood pellets

    Due to their construction MultiBio burners are able to burn fuels with difficulty combustibility, such as plant pellets. In this section of the site, however, we only consider burning wood pellets. If you are interested in the use of fuels other than wood pellets, go to the sites where the burners themselves or the products are certified for both fuels. MultiBio 30 (B) or MultiBio 49 (B)

    MultiBio burners also have a great advantage in burning wood pellets.

    Our customers often ask what are the advantages of the MultiBio rotary burner against bowl burners or square universal burners in connection with the burning of wood pellets. At first glance, it would seem that wood pellets can burn all types of burners on the market. MultiBio burners can also burn pellets whose quality does not match the certificate issued by the dealer to pellets. This is often the case and the pellet dealer can hardly prevent or influence it.

    The primary advantage of the burner is that it is not susceptible to the quality of wood pellets and can burn even the lowest grade pellets that creates ash sinter or even pellets that may contain more minerals and a significant amount of ash or admixtures that can make pellet makers easier production.

    From experience, we know that even if you bought high quality pellets with a certificate, you may find that you have a batch that did not "do". Then there is a situation that you have, for example, 5 tons of pellets in the basement, which the "normal" burner can not burn. Even if the dealer of the poor pellet willingly exchanges, it is necessary to move them out of the cellar. or suffer, remove excessive ash, or specimens from the burner and re-burn the burner. The MultiBio boiler does not do this. It can reliably burn pellets with which the burner or torch burners can not burn.

  • References
  • Documents
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  • Subvences

    Subsidies on the MultiBio boiler

    Boiler subsidies for the MultiBio boiler

    The Ministry of the Environment launches a second wave of potable subsidies. In the second call for potable subsidies, several billion crowns will be distributed among the owners of family houses in the Czech Republic through regions, and several tens of thousands of old boilers will be replaced.

    Specific deadlines for receipt of applications in 2017 are gradually published by regional authorities.

    You need to advise on the boiler subsidy or to have your documents processed for free at your respective regional office, fill in the form below and we will contact you immediately.

    Selected information for those interested in additional pot subsidies.

    1. Replacement of old solid fuel boilers with manual application not meeting emission class 3 - 4 or 5 according to ČSN EN 303-5.
    2. New heat sources - boilers exclusively for biomass, automatic combined coal and biomass boilers, heat pumps and gas condensing boilers will be supported.
    3. For automated MultiBio boilers exclusively on biomass, the subsidy amount is 80% of the eligible costs of a partial project, up to a maximum of CZK 120,000
    4. priority areas of cities and municipalities - they will receive a bonus of CZK 7,500
    5. Eligibility of costs will be set as early as 15 July 2015.
    6. It will not be necessary to use the services of an energy specialist or to implement micro-energy measures or to document PENB.
    7. If the project is implemented in the New Green Savings program, the applicant will receive a bonus of up to CZK 40,000
    8. As an attachment to the grant application, it will be necessary to document the inspection of the technical condition and operation of the existing stationary combustion source for solid fuels.
    9. The new heat source must comply with the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive (equipment listed in the Supported Products and Technologies List - https://svt.sfzp.cz, maintained by the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic).

    We will help you with subsidies in these regions

    •  South Bohemian Region
    • Pilsen Region
    • Karlovy Vary Region
    • Usti Region
    • Liberec region
    • Hradec Kralove region
    • Pardubický kraj
    • Olomouc region
    • Moravian-Silesian Region
    • South-Moravian region
    • Zlín Region
    • Highlands region

    Help with kettle subsidy

    For assistance with boiler subsidies do not hesitate to call us on the subsidy line +420 608 955 676 or write to info@multibio.eu


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