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Chipboard Crusher

Chipboard crusher, plywood, wood fiber boards and other glued wood

  • Light construction
  • Low purchase price
  • Low noise
  • Crushing plates up to 300 mm wide
  • High efficiency gearboxes
  • Motor protection against overload
  • Automatic switching to reverse overload
  • Mounting the conveyor connection to remove the crushed material
  • Chipboard crusher

    Cost effective and powerful MultiBio 150 chip crusher

    The MultiBio crusher is a Czech product suitable for crushing chipboard, plywood, fibreboards and other glued wood. Its main advantage is a lightweight construction, a wide knife bar and a precise focus on the wood-fiber boards that crush against the massive mass with less demand for the required force, so the crusher can be fitted with relatively small motors and does not have to be fitted with a lower hammer crusher.

    Construction of MultiBio D150 chip crusher

    • Two-shaft crusherMaximum width of crushed plates 300 mm
    • Low power consumption (two motors with 2 x 1.1 or 2 x 1.5 kW)
    • High efficiency gearboxes
    • Absence of a hammer crusher ensures low noise and low dust
    • Advantages of crusher electronics

      Advantages of crusher electronics

      • Overcurrent overload protection of motors

      • Automatic reverse override (overcurrent) with adjustable reversing length.

      • Emergency Shutdown (Totalstop)

      • Manual reversing switch

      • Used components - Eaton, Schneider electric, Elko.

      • The iron box of the switchboard

      • The 3 x 16 A circuit breaker is sufficient to operate the crusher

      • Controls with 24 V voltage

      • Switching possibilities of the conveyor delivering the crushed wood

    • Types of wood fiber boards for which the crusher is intended

      Types of wood fiber boards for which the crusher is intended

      • Wood chipboard
      • Plywood 10-15 mm
      • Fibreboard boards
      • Other types of glued wood
      • The crusher manages the material with a width up to 300 mm and a thickness of 25 to 40 mm depending on the type of the plate.

      Come try to fool your boards or send us a sample!

    • Possibility to use crushed plates in MultiBio boilers

      Possibility to use crushed plates in MultiBio boilers

      It is possible to use it in accordance with Decree No. 415/2012 Coll. used as fuel in the MultiBio 300, MultiBio 600 boiler.

      MultiBio Burners can burn this fuel without smoke and smell thanks to accurate fuel dosing and a controlled burner fan.

  • Technical Data
    Crusher performance80 - 150 kg/hod
    Crusher weight440 kg
    knife wide10 mm
    Number of knives on one shaft14


    3 PEN ~ 50 Hz, 400 VAC

    Crushing power consumption2,2 až 3 kW
    For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Gallery
    • Chipboard Crusher electronic
      Chipboard Crusher electronic
    • Chiboard crusher outlet
      Chiboard crusher outlet
    • Chipboard crusher backview
      Chipboard crusher backview

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