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The picture shows the implementation of the Multibio 49 ES boiler in Germany, near the Dutch border. The boiler automatically heats an area of ​​about 700 square meters of a large house, heating the DHW. A NET Module module is installed on the boiler, allowing you to monitor up to six selected house and boiler temperatures. Through this module, the boiler can be switched on - shut down or receive a traffic report - eg fuel in the hopper.

Operation of the automatic boiler is controlled by the storage tank thermostats. The boiler operation is very simple. Storage tank thermostats determine whether the boiler is switched on or off. Thus, the storage tank has constantly available hot water for example from 60 to 85 degrees for continuous heating of the house. The customer only watches the fuel in the daily hopper. It is located in the attic of the house above the boiler room and the conveyor as shown in the picture sends the fuel by a flexible hose through the ceiling to the burner. Boiler cleaning is automatic, with springs in the boiler flue pipes, which are driven by a separate drive. The ash delivery from the combustion chamber under the burner is provided by the screws with the ash container. Boiler cleaning during burning of wood pellets takes place once a year - after the heating season.


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