Upravit stránku
The pictures shows a precise boiler room with the Multibio 199 PLCS / B boiler. The boiler heats the building of workshops where each floor has about 1000 square meters. A two-storey office building with a floor area of ​​500 m2 will be added in the near term. The total heated area will be 2500 m2 The boiler is automatic with full access via the Internet. The combustion mode is controlled by the lambda probe. The boiler electronics is a Schneider brand and is fully programmable. For example, the boiler or burner could be a part of a technological drying line. Boiler parameters can be set on the boiler, phone or computer display. The fuel is plant pellets from the operator's own production. The operator ensures enough fuel in the daily hopper of the boiler and exits the ash container before the ash discharge is completed outside the boiler room. The boiler has automatic spring movement in the boiler exchanger tubes, fine ash falls to the bottom of the boiler and the operator only sucks through the vacuum cleaner. The coarse ash from the burner in the combustion chamber falls to the bottom of the boiler, where it is led by the two screws into the ashtray. Operator requirements for boiler cleaning are minimal. The replacement of the old coal boiler behind the MultiBio 199 PLCS / B and the reconstruction of the boiler room was made by Martin Dudík from Plumlov.

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