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Heating of the hall in the agricultural cooperative

Implementation of heat-induced heating in a non-heated hall with an area of approx. 1170 m2 and height of 8 m. The customer is a producer of plant pellets. The hot air boiler works automatically, including ash delivery to the ashtray. The ignition, operation and shutdown of the boiler takes place on the basis of a thermostat request.

Heating parameters of the hall

The heated air temperature is 80 -130 degrees
The hourly amount of heated air is about 6500 cubic meters
Ready for air distribution through the hall
Used heating plant components
Multibio 199 ES hot-water boiler
Reinstalling MultiBio
Vegetable pellet hopper
Pellet conveyor
Previous heating of the hall
Replaced hot water boilers with manual power supply of 2 x 700 kW.

Advantages of hot-air heating

Low fuel costs when heating with vegetable pellets
Fast heat transfer from the hot-air boiler to the hall
No need to install hot water heaters