Upravit stránku

The hot air heater of the MultiBio Heater 50 in the production hall was equipped with a simple ventilation system for heated air. Divorce is visible in the photos. For the proper functioning of the air distribution throughout its length, a fan has been added to increase the supply of heated air pressure to its distribution.

The burner burner is supplied with fuel from the fuel tank via the MBD 3000 conveyor. The ash delivery is controlled electronically by a screw in the ash box. The system works automatically. At the request of the thermostat, the burner itself ignites the fuel and, depending on the temperature of the heated space, its output can be controlled by the electronic power modulation provided by the burner electronics. The customer burns plant pellets.

The dimensions of the heated hall are as follows: width 12 m, length 50 m and height 3.5 m, total 2100 cubic meters of insulated space.


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