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At the Volvo Penta plant, we launched a Multibio 600 kW rotary burner connected to a Swedish manufacturer's 600 kW boiler. The boiler room has a total capacity of 1.8 MW, consisting of three separate boilers of 600 kW. As a backup, the Viessman 1MW boiler with an oil burner is used. The boiler room shows two burner boilers in the blue of Janfire, a Swedish company. The third boiler, which was installed for the required increase in the performance of the new production hall, was installed by the Swedish customer with the Czech MultiBio 600 kW rotary burner. The customer's request was the supply of water to the heating system at a temperature of 80 degrees with a tolerated difference of two degrees. Therefore, the burner has a programmed PID power control in its PLC control. It therefore has a continuous power control as required by the torch control unit. The customer burns industrial wood pellets - lower quality B. During the test, the customer has verified the measured value by a standard service meter and the results are shown in the photographs. PLC MultiBio burner electronics allow remote access via LAN and GSM modem. What the customer was really excited about were the emission parameters, the start of the burner within four minutes, the start of the full power within a few minutes. Emission parameters of combustion, Swedish colleagues verified themselves. Used pictures are from their measuring device. The efficiency of combustion was 99%, as seen in the pictures. The flue gas temperature ranged from 95 to 105 degrees. The CO values ​​in the PPM, at a minimum power of about 180 kW, were consistently below 10 and at a power of 550 kW around 30. Oxygen 3.7- 4.6%.

It is also interesting to realize a completely automatic fuel distribution for individual burners as well as an ash discharge common to all three boilers. The customer has chosen the MultiBio 600 burner based on a seamless experience with our small model MultiBio 49. You can use a video from a boiler room check out our YouTube channel. On the same channel you will find an interview with Mr. Bengt-Erik Löfgren, the head of the AFAB laboratory for combustion of non-wood and wood biomass, about MultiBio boilers and burners.


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