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Biomass boiler Multibio 199 PLCS

The picture shows the implementation of an automatic biomass boiler MultiBio 199 PLCS in the village of Pačlavice near Kroměříž. The first hall, with a total area of ​​about 1300 square meters and a ceiling height of about 7 meters, is connected to a new boiler room for repairing agricultural machinery. On the ceiling of the hall are installed radiant heating panels, which heat the hall. Part of the hall after completion will have a heater in the floor. Another object, approximately 2000 square meters, located next to the existing hall, will be possible to connect to the boiler room in the future.

At the beginning of the operation of the biomass boiler room, poor quality wood pellets containing bark are used as fuel. A storage tank of 3000 liters is used in the boiler room. In the future, it is also planned to heat DHW for traffic and employees. The operator is also able to use plant pellets to ensure a very economical operation that will reduce the payback time of the investment. The MultiBio boiler with the rotary grate of the plant biomass burner is easy to handle and the operation is still fully automatic with such a fuel.

Control of the biomass boiler

The biomass boiler can be easily controlled and monitored by remote management via an Internet connection. Both the operator and the boiler manufacturer have an overview of performance, combustion and other operating parameters. The boiler is equipped with automatic ash removal from the combustion chamber, automatic cleaning of the boiler exchanger with springs. MultiBio, unlike other biomass boilers, does not use a low-start mode. The boiler operates automatically within the desired temperature range. By not burning fuel in the burner mode, the boiler operation does not leave any odor trace. It saves fuel, also does not damage the boiler body by self-destruction from the low flue gas temperature.

Savings with the MultiBio 199 PCLS Biomass Boiler

The boiler consumes up to 45 kg of biomass per hour of full power, which is 24 hours, with large frosts, up to one tonne. If the customer uses cheaper fuels, at a price difference of CZK 2 per kilogram, the boiler saves daily 2000 CZK. In the month 60 000, - Kč and for the heating season over 300 000, - CZK. Investments for a biomass boiler usually return to three years of operation.


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