Upravit stránku
The administrative building along with the entrance gate has an area of ​​approximately 840 square meters. On the pictures you can see the exact design of the boiler room along with the daily hopper, which is supplied by the outdoor conveyor. The hopper content is 1800 liters of fuel. The Multibio 49 ES / B boiler is fully automatic. Boiler mode is controlled by a thermostat. The boiler can operate in the MODULATION mode. This means that after the selected boiler temperature has been reached, the boiler output is reduced to 60%, for example by 10 degrees, the boiler returns to full power. Modulation temperature differences can be selected. Through remote access - the NET module - you can monitor the six boiler room temperatures, from which the operator sees how the boiler room is operating. The boiler can be switched on remotely - switch off and if there is a fuel, the LAN will send an SMS or a mail message to the boiler on the operation status. The fuel in this case is a vegetable pellet from own production.

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